stele st-200r

The Stele ST-200R stands out as a dependable and robust 4G LTE smart radio, designed to meet the communication needs of various sectors. Its reliability ensures uninterrupted connectivity, vital for critical tasks in safety, education, and municipal services. In every field of work, this radio shines in providing clear and steady communication, even in difficult environments.

Affordable, Amazing Features

stele st200-r

The device doesn’t compromise on usage duration, the Stele ST-200R comes with a high-capacity battery. This feature allows prolonged usage without the need for repeated charging. In situations where access to power sources may be limited, this device ensures uninterrupted connectivity, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The Stele ST-200R is equipped with built-in WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth, hence offers flexible connectivity options. This enables flawless integration with other devices and systems, facilitating smooth operations and efficient data exchange. Whether it’s transmitting location data or connecting to external devices, the device provides enhanced connectivity, essential for modern communication needs.

stele st-200r
Stele st-200r


Just like smartphones, the Stele ST-200R comes with a dual camera, enhancing its functionality by enabling visual communication. This feature becomes valuable in scenarios where clear visual information is crucial for decision-making. From capturing images to facilitating video calls for real-time assessment of situations, the dual-camera enhances situational awareness and communication effectiveness.

Along with other features, the Stele ST-200R comes with a loudspeaker, which ensures group communication. This makes it suitable for environments where a number of people are a part of a project. The loudspeaker feature ensures that messages are conveyed efficiently, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings and enhancing overall communication efficiency.

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