Loud Audio Output:

To begin with, the Stele st-100R  has a remarkable audio output offering clear communication. It ensures clear communication even in noisy areas. Regardless of the environment, you can depend on the ST-100R to convey your message with precision. This device ensures that every word is heard without distortion or obstruction.

Stele st-100r

Stele ST-100R Striking Features


With GPS functionality, the Stele ST-100R Walkie Talkie offers dependable location tracking. This device allows you to stay on track and steer with confidence. Regardless of usage area, you can trust the ST-100R to keep you up to date of your exact position. This feature makes it an indispensable tool for adventurers, first responders, and professionals alike.

Bluetooth and SOS Emergency Button:

Another impressive feature of this device is its Bluetooth capability and dedicated SOS emergency button. You can easily pair your device with compatible accessories or smartphones for seamless communication. For enhanced safety the SOS button provides peace of mind in emergencies, instantly alerting your contacts or support teams to your situation. This device ensures timely aid when you need it most.

License-Free Radio:

The best part, you do not have to worry about licensing for this device. The Stele ST-100R is a completely license free radio. This device gives you the freedom to communicate without restrictions, making it ideal for casual users, and small businesses. Just power on your device and start communicating instantaneously, without any needless delays.

Lightweight With Long Battery life

Planned for highest portability and durability, this Walkie Talkie combines lightweight construction with robust materials. The Stele ST-100R ensures consistency in any environment. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and deploy. Further, its strong structure withstands the rigors of daily use, providing long-lasting performance you can depend on.

The Stele ST-100R Walkie Talkie comes with a high-capacity battery that provides prolonged usage times. It allows you to stay connected for longer without the need for recurrent recharging. With its powerful battery, you can rely on it to give trustworthy communication throughout.

stele st-100r

Despite its striking capabilities, the Stele ST-100R Walkie Talkie is extremely reasonable. It offers outstanding value for money compared to other communication devices on the market. With its comprehensive feature set, the ST-100R delivers supreme performance at a little cost.

stele st-100r
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