motorola gp 328


The Motorola GP 328 walkie talkie is a stalwart in the realm of communication devices, showcasing unparalleled functionality. Its physical measurements locked at 137 mm x 57.5 mm x 37.5 mm, making it compact. With a weight of 420 grams, the Motorola GP 328 strides confidently between the realms of portability and performance.

This handheld marvel has been meticulously designed to act as an unwavering communication companion across diverse scenarios. The device’s compact form factor empowers users to effortlessly secure it onto their belts or slip it into their pockets. Thus making the Motorola GP328 an impeccable choice for professionals perpetually on the go.

Notably, the Motorola GP 328 boasts a battery life that raises the bar, promising approximately 8 hours of uninterrupted usage. This extended battery prowess ensures that the device remains steadfastly operational throughout an entire work shift. Or even during protracted adventures, thereby mitigating the need for frequent recharges and permitting users to concentrate on their tasks.

When it comes to frequency range, the Motorola GP 328 radiates with distinction. Its frequency encompasses 136 – 174 MHz, 330 – 400 MHz, 403 – 470 MHz, and 450 – 527 MHz. This frequency range adaptability renders the Motorola GP328 versatile enough to seamlessly accommodate diverse professional requirements. Such a wide frequency range is a veritable boon for professionals spanning industries like security, construction, events management, and more.

motorola gp 328


An enticing facet of the Motorola GP328 is its generous channel allocation, totaling 16 channels. This multi-channel feature simplifies communication within intricate environments. Hence granting users the liberty to effortlessly switch between channels in search of the clearest and most effective communication conduit. This channel versatility ensures that disparate workgroups can communicate without unwelcome interference, thus augmenting overall efficiency and coordination.


It is worth highlighting that the Motorola GP328 is more than a communication tool. It symbolizes Motorola’s unyielding commitment to furnishing communication solutions that are simultaneously dependable and innovative. The design harmonizes rugged durability with ergonomic finesse, rendering it resilient in the face of demanding environments. This renders the Motorola GP328 particularly apt for professionals who routinely navigate challenging terrains.

With its trim dimensions, light weight, a robust battery life, and an expansive frequency range, epitomizes the zenith of contemporary communication technology. Its seamless integration of size and functionality renders it an indispensable asset, where communication isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Be it in the domain of security, construction, events management, or any sphere that demands instantaneous and effective communication. The Motorola GP328 walkie talkie stands tall as a testament to Motorola’s unwavering dedication to supplying state-of-the-art communication solutions.


Motorola GP328 price is a critical consideration for those seeking a balance between budget and utility. The cost-effectiveness of the device aligns with its formidable features, making it a worthwhile investment for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The Motorola GP328 price reflects the intrinsic value of a tool that bridges communication gaps with efficiency and reliability.

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