kenwood pkt 23


One of the bestsellers, the Kenwood PKT-23 two-way radio is a compact communication device intended for personal and professional needs. With its excellent features, the PKT-23 is a reliable and user-friendly communication device.

Operating within a frequency range of 446.0 to 446.1 MHz, it offers clear and efficient communication without interference. This makes it appropriate for a variety of applications, from leisure outdoor activities to small-scale business operations. The eight accessible channels provide plasticity in communication, allowing users to toggle between channels based on their precise requirements.

This device has several notable features. The vital one is its noteworthy battery life, providing up to 15 hours of incessant use on a single charge. This prolonged battery life makes sure that users can depend on the PKT-23 without thinking about running out of power. Whether it’s a lengthy hiking trip or a challenging work shift, the PKT-23’s battery will never let you down.

In terms of design, the Kenwood PKT-23 boasts a compact, portable build that facilitates easy handling and storage. With dimensions of 46.0 x 85.0 x 21.0 mm), the gadget fits easily in the palm of your hand. This compact size makes it suitable to carry around, ensuring that communication remains accessible all the time.

kenwood pkt 23

Compact and User-Friendly

Weighing approximately 110 g (including the battery), the PKT-23 is extremely lightweight. This lightweight feature adds to its portability, making it a perfect option for users who value handiness and mobility. Be assured that the PKT-23 won’t weigh you down.

In addition, the most striking feature of the Kenwood PKT-23 is that it is a license-free walkie-talkie. This means users can enjoy the benefits of direct communication without needing a communication license. The license-free feature shortens the process of using the device and opens up possibilities for a broad range of users.


In conclusion, the Kenwood PKT-23 two-way radio is a feature-rich communication device that offers convenience, portability, and reliable performance. With its frequency range, channels, battery life, compact dimensions, and license-free operation, the PKT-23 proves to be a versatile tool. The PKT-23’s capabilities make it an excellent choice for staying connected without any hindrances. Its easy to use design and exciting features make the Kenwood PKT-23 a must-have communication companion. Contact us today for more information.

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