VX 46

Walkie talkies are used in touch environments; the Alinco DJ VX 46 walkie-talkie has a strong, polycarbonate body that resists rain and dust. This device is compatible with IP67 standards. Its sturdiness ensures reliable performance in rough environments. Whether you’re working outdoors or in tough industrial settings, the device can endure the elements, maintaining consistent communication quality.

alinco dj vx 46

With 128 memories available (16 channels x 8 groups), users can easily program operating parameters and tone-squelch tones to suit their specific communication needs. This extensive memory capacity allows for seamless customization, ensuring that the walkie-talkie operates exactly as desired in different situations. Whether you’re coordinating with multiple teams or adjusting settings for different environments, the device provides the flexibility needed to optimize communication efficiency.

Alinco DJ VX 46: Affordable, And Efficient

alinco dj vx 46

Equipped with a high-performance whip antenna, the device ensures clear reception over long distances. This antenna design maximizes signal strength, allowing users to communicate effectively even in remote or obstructed areas where reliable communication is critical. Whether you’re coordinating with colleagues across a large work site or communicating with partners in challenging terrain, its whip antenna delivers consistent performance.

alinco dj vx 46

The Walkie Talkie works seamlessly with a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, providing long-lasting power for extended communication sessions. This battery technology offers reliability and convenience, allowing users to stay connected without worrying about frequent battery changes. Whether you’re working a long shift or exploring the outdoors, its Li-ion battery ensures uninterrupted communication, keeping you connected when it matters most.


Despite its rugged construction and robust features, the Alinco DJ VX 46 remains lightweight at only 238g, including the EBP-101 and antenna. This ergonomic design ensures comfortable use during prolonged operations, reducing fatigue and increasing user satisfaction. Whether you’re carrying the walkie-talkie for extended periods or using it in demanding environments, its lightweight design enhances usability and convenience. Contact us today for more information.

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